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IDEAS Almería

Fastconex is proud to announce it was presented with a PREMIO award at the University of Almería for its applications.

Fastconex provides ultra-affordable solutions using mobile applications (apps) connected to a web of data-servers.  


1Go! is the most simple to use application. Yet, within this simplicity is something evolutionary and revolutionary. 1Go! is a first of it’s kind, ground-breaking and so very useful.

Evolutionary for two reasons:

Firstly, it is the evolution of many technologies and ideas put together to provide a unique solution.

Secondly, it is evolutionary because the possibilities for 1Go! keep expanding.


It’s revolutionary because it’s designed to be useful and practical for every smartphone user in the world. By using 1Go! the people of the world can obtain information of exactly what they are looking for – just when they want it.

“1Go!” is a point and click minimum input / maximum output application that is unique in many ways. It’s designed and developed to be used by everyone - everywhere.

Welcome to the World of 1Go!

1Go! is a public transport, tourism, industry,  business and marketing information system – all in one mobile application – designed to be used by everyone – for business or pleasure – anywhere in the world.

Unlike existing GPS based search systems, 1Go! goes much further to enhance the user experience. Because 1Go! also uses special bar codes (QR Codes) it is much more accurate and informative. For example – unlike existing systems, it can be used inside buildings. It has the possibility to inform you about every item in a Gallery, Museum, Visitor Centre, Castle or even what’s on a Restaurant menu or about a product you might buy in a Shop.

If your business is transport, tourism, growing, manufacturing, selling, marketing, exporting or importing products then you will find that 1Go! would be of great interest to you. The same applies to Airports, Bus Stations, Train Stations, Taxis, Ferriy Terminals, Hotels, Restaurants, Bars, Shops, Entertainment venues, Medical Facilities and Government facilities to name but a few.


1Go! has multiple advantages - for the end-user and for the client

For the user:

All that is needed is a smartphone and our application

It is so easy to use, and is very fast and effective, 24 hours 365 days a year - One click, ONE GO!

For clients:

Compared to other methods of publicising your services, 1Go! has many advantages.

Firstly, you don’t need to target your potential customers. By the user requesting information, they are targeting you! Secondly, your investment would be very small in comparison to other media advertising campaigns. All that is required are QR codes on your existing services or products and databases that store the information.

We have made it very simple for your database services to be managed. Clients can manage their own databases or if you prefer, everything can be done for you.

With a very realistic potential use by thousands and quite possibly millions every day, we think this ONE application is a winner for both user and client.

Saving the best for last – It is intended that the application will be a FREE download for all.

Data Protection & Security

For both User and Client our system has been designed to protect you. We will be pleased to provide you with further details.


If you are interested in being a valued part of the development, marketing and business model of 1Go!, do not hesitate to make contact.




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