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How you present your QR Code is entirely up to you

Fastconex does not dictate how you present your codes. That is entirely up to you and your needs. The apps just require your QR Code. The options for creating your codes are wide and varied

Use  your existing software to create and integrate the codes

The codes could be created and engrained within your existing applications: MS Word, Excel, AutoCAD for example. The print-out of the code would be a complete part of your document

The code could even be machine engrained within an asset if required!

Use a label printer

Just about every label printer comes with Bar & QR Code label creators. My first label printer cost 90€ and still does an excellent job.

Use a standard printer

You can also use standard printers with pre-formed labels

I can provide you with a QR Code generator!

I have apps and programs that can generate the codes for you

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QR Codes

Codes are at the core of Fastconex solutions

Currently, all Fastconex uses QR or Bar Codes  as the start point of enabling data to be requested from databases. Although apps are available to read Bar Code Types of customer choice, QR Codes have a number of advantages.

QR Codes are Fastconex apps normal code of choice.

Unlike Bar Codes, QR Codes are not restricted to be read from horizontal angles. You can place your reading device at almost any angle and it will more than likely be picked up.

Fastconex Codes

Fastconex codes don’t have website names - they are not needed. Based upon your Project Code, Your User ID and the QRCode the app knows where to look. As an added security bonus, to non-project personnel the QR Code is not really  meaningful.