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Project - Document Management


Document management and Quality Control

Quality Assurance, Design, Document Control. The demand to meet quality expectations has never been higher. Errors and delays cost time, money and worst of all client & market confidence. Fastconex-Project can reduce the possibilities of errors and delays, to almost eradicating them entirely. Design, Manufacturing, Process, Construction and Energy industries would find my low cost solutions to be something of substantial benefit.


Here’s a brief description of what you need and how it works:

WHAT YOU NEED (Basic requirements):

To access your database(s). You can do this directly using PHP or similar, or via a program that can be installed on your computer. Sounds complicated? No, I have trained novices to use this in minutes. See the Installation pages I have provided online. Fastconex can provide you with a database control program if you want one. However, becoming familiar with your database directly will give you more understanding and control of your Project(s)

Fastconex-Project App. This is simply downloaded from Apple or Android app stores and installed on your mobile.

Apart from the other valuable data it provides, this page will inform you if your data is valid OR not.

Options are given at the bottom of each page for what you can do next.

If the data is not validated, it’s usually because what it refers to has been updated / revised, removed from the project requirements or a non-project QR-Code has been scanned. It could also be that you do not have internet data access available from your device (your network provider usually informs you of this)

This completes the basic overview. I hope it was of interest for you.

Bespoke / variations on this application are available - just ask!

If valid, other options will become available. For example, if coordinates are stored in the database  a location will be available - via the Map Button.


Project Presentation

Add your Data to the database

Before you can validate information from a project QRCode using the Fastconex-project app, you need to load the database(s) with your (valid) project data. This can be done by entering information directly or, with some knowledge of transferring from a spreadsheet or linking to another database, it can be done that way too. What is very important is that the database must be regularly updated to reflect what is currently valid and what is not. Depending on the size of your project and numbers of users that will make data requests, will determine the frequency. Major projects involving 1000’s of participants will probably require 24/7 continual updating while very small projects may need to be done only once a day or even only once a week. It’s up to you.

QR Codes & a Labelling system

To be able to read your data, you need to be able generate QR Codes and print them direct to your documents or assets or by creating labels with the code fixed on them. Go to the home page to find out more.

Database ready? App installed? - Lets go!

Go to your app and open it. (*Note: on first use, it may ask if it can use your camera - you must allow this or the app will not function correctly).

After the “flash-screen” that has the text SolidDatafcx in the centre of the screen, you are presented with a simple menu.  Enter PROJECT CODE & USER ID details. If details are incorrect, you will be requested to re-enter. If correct details are entered a button at the bottom of the screen will allow you to proceed to the SCAN page.

The SCAN page is immediately active and ready to scan a QR Code. Point the camera to the QR code. Its very fast in detecting! If one is found, it will tell you what the code says and ask you if you want to “continue?”. Project codes are easily recognisable. If you think you have the wrong code, continue to hover over the code and press “continue?”. It will scan again. Once you are happy with the result, point the camera away from the code (and not in view with any other code) before pressing “continue?”. The message on the bottom of your screen should now say “Now Touch Here”. Do as it says.

A new screen appears similar to the one below.