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At the moment of writing this section, I’m honest enough to say there is no team (at the moment) - just me (1).

I’m English and live in Almería on the Costa-del-Sol, Spain. Although  I was born and raised in Rotherham, United Kingdom, my career has taken me all around the British Isles, plus other European countries and Saudi Arabia. My career has been 80% in Construction Engineering and Quality Assurance across many industries including Mining, Nuclear, Gas & Oil and Transportation.  The other 20% has been Information Technology . IT Network Manager, Software Developer, Systems integration etc


With the Web - I’m never far away

Although the ideas have been formulating and developing for a number of years, “FASTCONEX“ as a name only came about in 2015.

It perfectly represents the basis of what all  “FASTCONEX“ products do - Provide confirmation and verification of your queries utilising fast connections between SQL servers and your mobile devices.




The original concept for my applications was as a result of my experience within the industries I had worked in.

From the original idea I had in the 2000’s, continuous development in technology has allowed me to create some very useful applications. I believe that the base model concept has now turned into some incredibly diverse applications that are are so easy to use, yet give invaluable help and answers just when you need them.